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Triple Chocolate Raspberry Cake

By Shannon Sargent

Preheat Oven to 350   Ingredients: 18.25 oz Dark Chocolate Cake Mix 3.9 oz instant Chocolate Pudding Mix 16 oz Sour Cream 3-4 Eggs 1/3 Cup Veg. Oil 1/2  Cup Raspberry liquer 1 Cup semi-sweet Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips 1 Cup Dark Cocoa Grirardelli Chocolate Chips   Blend in bowl   Pour in a greased/floured bundt… »

The Shut Down Part II: Coming this January to a Federal Government Near You.

By Michael Groff

After a 16 day government shut down, federal employees were returning to work on Thursday.  Shortly before midnight Wednesday, the House and Senate were able to reach a temporary budget agreement that would keep the government operational through January.  This latest budget resolution also prevents… »

Homemade Macaroni and Cheese

By shaden

3 1/3 Cup Elbow Macaroni 4 tbsp Butter or Margarine 4 tbsp Flour 1 tbsp salt 1/2 tbsp White Pepper 3/4 tbsp Dry Mustard 3 1/2 cup Milk 8 dash Tabasco Sauce 5 Cup Cheddar Cheese – Sharp Grated   Topping 2 tbsp Butter or… »

Pop-ups Causing My Brain to Explode!

By Shannon Sargent

After spending the good part of last night and this morning scrubbing my PC from a bad FireFox install, I figured I would share a few great links in case… »

Call Center Attrition

By Shannon Sargent

Call Center attrition may not seem to have a high impact on the bottom line of a company, but there are a lot of unconsidered hidden costs involved in employee… »

10 print “what is your name”

By shaden

Today Craig and I decided to change things up a bit.  Rather than our typical Starbucks meetup, we changed venue to Chilis.   I arrived a good bit before he… »